Neuroscience and Brain Disease Center

"Building international connections, become world-class university" and "focusing on the research and solving major medical problems" are two major goals of China Medical University (CMU) from 2018 to 2022. The Neuroscience and Brain Disease Center was founded at the end of 2021. The Center is focused on:

  • Build a novel integrated research center encompassing clinical-translational-basic elements in CMU and CMUH to target the unmet medical issues of major neuropsychiatric diseases and to unravel fundamental neuroscientific myths
  • Cultivate next generation physician scientists and neuroscientists to establish an eternally running neuroscience research system.
  • Generate high-impact Papers from Happy and merry hearts, Patents with flourish Harvests, Products of Help, and have Patients Healed.

The Core Neuroscience Lab contains six division labs: A. iPS (induced pluripotent stem cell) and neuro-regeneration, B. Neuroimmunology, Pharmacology and Ion Channel, C. Neurogenetics (NGS) and Bioinformatics of neurodegeneration, D. Neuroplasticity and neurodegeneration, E. Neuron-glia interaction, F. Pain mechanism. Among these 6 divisions, D and E will be the newly constructed divisions. These six divisions will be integrated with other parts of the Elements, particular the Clinical one.