Research articles:

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  2. 周宜卿(I-Ching Chou)、(Alex CY Chang)、陳朝榮(Chao-Jung Chen)、梁文敏(Liang Wen-Miin)、邱建勳(Chiou, Jian-Shium)、蔡輔仁(Fuu-Jen Tsai)、吳永昌(Yang-Chang Wu)、林亭旭(Ting-Hsu Lin)、廖秋菊(Chiu-Chu Liao)、黃少玫(Huang, Shao-Mei)、李德茂(Li, Te-Mao)*、林應如(Ying-Ju Lin)*,Effect of Chinese herbal medicines on the overall survival of patients with muscular dystrophies in Taiwan,JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY,2021 Jun
  3. 鄧喬方(Chiao-Fang Teng)*、李采娟(Tsai-Chung Li)、王庭(Ting Wang)、廖大慶(Liao Da Ching)、文翊軒(Yi-Hsuan Wen)、吳慈華(Tzu-Hua Wu)、王約翰(John Wang)、吳漢傑(Han-Chieh Wu)、徐偉成(Woei-Cheang Shyu)、蘇益仁(Ih-Jen Su)、鄭隆賓(Long-Bin Jeng)*,Increased Infiltration of Regulatory T Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma of Patients with Hepatitis B Virus Pre-S2 Mutant,Scientific Reports,2021 Jan,11(1):1136,SCI
  4. 藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)、杜政昊(Tu, Cheng-Hao)、林偉哲(Wei-Che Lin)、林潔欣(Lin, Chieh-Hsin)*,Brain activity of benzoate, a D-amino acid oxidase inhibitor, in patients with mild cognitive impairment in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY,2021 Jan,2021():,SCI
  5. (Kuo Yang Huang)、(Ping Tao Tseng)、(Yi Cheng Wu)、(Yu Kang Tu)、(Brendon Stubbs)、蘇冠賓(Kuan-Pin Su)、(Yutaka J. Matsuoka)、(Chih Wei Hsu)、(Ching Hsiung Lin)、(Yen Wen Chen)、(Pao Yen Lin)*,Do beta-adrenergic blocking agents increase asthma exacerbation? A network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials,Scientific Reports,2021 Jan,11():452,SCI
  6. (Emilia Zgorzy?ska)*、(Dawid Stulczewski)、(Barbara Dziedzic)、蘇冠賓(Kuan-Pin Su)、(Anna Walczewska),Docosahexaenoic fatty acid reduces the pro-inflammatory response induced by IL-1β in astrocytes through inhibition of NF-κB and AP-1 transcription factor activation,BMC NEUROSCIENCE,2021 Jan,22(4):,SCI
  7. (Ma?gorzata Ga?ecka)*、(Katarzyna Bli ’zniewska-Kowalsk)、(Agata Orzechowska)、(Janusz Szemraj)、(Michael Maes)、(Michael Berk)、蘇冠賓(Kuan-Pin Su)、(Piotr Ga?ecki),Inflammatory versus Anti-inflammatory Profiles in Major Depressive Disorders-The Role of IL-17, IL-21, IL-23, IL-35 and Foxp3,Journal of Personalized Medicine,2021 Jan,11():66,SCI
  8. (Xulai Shi)、(KaiyuGuan)、(XuyanPeng)、(BingruXu)、(XianyongZhou)、(ShaoWang)、(ShengnanXu)、(MiaomiaoZheng)、(JingHuang)、(XiaoyangWan)、(WanchunGuan)、蘇冠賓(Kuan-Pin Su)、(MinjieYe)、(XiangGao)、(ZhanYin)、(XiLi)*,Ghrelin modulates dopaminergic neuron formation and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder-like behaviors: From animals to human models,BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY,2021 Jan,94():327-337,SCI
  9. 王紹銘(Shao-Ming Wang)、Wen-Chi Lin、Hong-Yi Lin、Yen-Lin Chen、Chiung-Yuan Ko*、Ju-Ming Wang*,CCAAT/Enhancer-binding protein delta mediates glioma stem-like cell enrichment and ATP-binding cassette transporter ABCA1 activation for temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma, Cell Death Discov, 2021 Jan,7 (2021) 8
  10. (Yi-Fang Huang)、劉詩平(Shih-Ping Liu)、(Chih-Hsin Muo)、(Chung-Ta Chan)*,The impact of occluding pairs on the chewing patterns among the elderly,JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY,2021 Jan,104():103511,SCI
  11. (Chia-Yuan Lin)、(Yan-Ning Huang)、傅如輝(Ru-Huei Fu)、(Yu-Hsin Liao)、(Tzu-Yu Kuo)、蔡佳文(Chia-Wen Tsai)*,Promotion of mitochondrial biogenesis via the regulation of PARIS and PGC-1α by parkin as a mechanism of neuroprotection by carnosic acid,PHYTOMEDICINE,2021 Jan,80():103369,SCI


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  2. 林潔欣(Lin, Chieh-Hsin)、邱智強(Chih-Chiang Chiu)、藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)*,Trough Melatonin Levels Differ between Early and Late Phases of Alzheimer Disease,Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience,2021 Feb,19(1):135-144,SCI
  3. 蔡經綸(Chris Tsai)、(Ya-Wen Lin)、徐幸琪(HSU-HSING-CHI)、樓美玲、藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)、杜政昊(Tu, Cheng-Hao)*、馬維芬(Wei-Fen Ma)*,Effects of the Health-Awareness-Strengthening Lifestyle Program in a Randomized Trial of Young Adults with an At-Risk Mental State,International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,2021 Feb,18():1959,SSCI
  4. 張俊鴻(Chun-Hung Chang)、林潔欣(Lin, Chieh-Hsin)、劉介宇(Chieh-Yu Liu)、黃志生(Chih-Sheng Huang)、陳紹基(Shaw-Ji Chen)、林紋正(Wen-Cheng Lin)、楊惠婷(Hui-Ting Yang)、藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)*,Plasma D-glutamate levels for detecting mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease: Machine learning approaches,JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY,2021 Feb,2021():1-8,SCI
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  1. 劉衍怡(Yan-Yi Low)、林曉娟(Hsiao-Chuan Lin)、(Fang-Tzy Wu)、周宜卿(I-Ching Chou)、黃高彬(Kao-Pin Hwang)*,Detection of rotavirus antigen in a child with acute necrotizing encephalopathy,JOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION,2021 Mar,120():1029-1031,SCI
  2. 張俊鴻(Chun-Hung Chang)、林潔欣(Lin, Chieh-Hsin)*、藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)*,Machine learning and novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease,INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES,2021 Mar,22():2761,SCI
  3. 林詩鈞、林潔欣(Lin, Chieh-Hsin)*、藍先元(Hsien-Yuan Lane)*,Applying a bagging ensemble machine learning approach to predict functional outcome of schizophrenia with clinical symptoms and cognitive functions,Scientific Reports,2021 Mar,11(1):6922,SCI
  4. Gil Ton(Gil Ton)、(Yu-Cih Yang)、李俐雯(Li-Wen Lee)、何文照、陳易宏、顏宏融(Hung-Rong Yen)、李育臣(Yu-Chen Lee)*,Acupuncture Decreased the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients with Osteoarthritis in Taiwan:A Nationwide Matched Cohort Study,JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE,2021 Mar,27(S1):S60-S70,SCI
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