Sarina Hui-Lin CHIEN, PhD


Core Member

Professor, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, China Medical University


PhD, Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

Research Expertise:

Cognitive Neuroscience, Visual Perception in Infants & Children, Face Perception, Deviant Visual Perception in Clinical Patients, Lightness and Color Perception

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TEL :  04-22053366 #8202(office) or #1663(Lab)


助理教授 | 簡惠玲

中國醫藥大學 醫學院生物醫學研究所 教授


美國西雅圖華盛頓大學心理學 博士




聯絡電話:   04-22053366 #8202(office) or #1663(Lab)


    My primary research interest is face perception in typically developing infants/children, specifically how infants/children acquire and master face-processing skills from their native environment. My students and I have explored the ontogeny and development of the other-race effect (ORE) in Taiwanese infants and children using behavioral and eye-tracking methods, and the neural signatures underlying race perception using MEG. We demonstrated an early sensitivity to race in infancy, a race-based social preference in preschoolers, and an own-race recognition advantage re-emerging in late childhood, suggesting the impact of race is early and persistent.

        As social cognition critically relies on the ability to extract information from faces and respond reciprocally, my secondary research interest is face perception in atypically developing children and clinical groups such as autism spectrum disorder and Parkinson’s disease with dementia. We are working to understand the nature of face-processing impairments in these clinical groups. We aim to design face-perception-based rehabilitation strategies or tools for these patients to improve social cognitive functioning.